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Banshee Pre-alpha for Windows: A quick run down

An unofficial pre-alpha Windows build of media player Banshee is available for testing. We take it for a quick spin and give our verdict.

6 February 2011
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Natty sound menu adds playlist support

The Sound Menu of Ubuntu 11.04 Alpha sees the return of play list support - an easy way to access your favourite track line-ups in Banshee without needing to open the app itself.

31 January 2011
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Banshee: Video, TV shows, Windows and hackfest, oh my!

From deep in Hanger 18, your reporter is proud to bring you some exclusive Banshee goodies. Read on for more information...

17 January 2011
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Moovida Core media player coming to Linux ‘real soon’ – but is the 3D interface?

We once labeled it no more than 'Banshee with ads', but Moovida core media player has really come on in leaps and bounds since then. Albeit for Windows. So just where is the Linux port at? We find out...

14 January 2011
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How to quickly get your Android phone to show in Banshee, Rhythmbox

My favourite music player, Banshee, didn't recognize my Android phone 'out of the box', despite other Ubuntu apps such as Shotwell and Nautilus, doing so. If you're in the same position you'll want to try this crazy-simple solution that pals Banshee and your handset up in no-time.

12 January 2011
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The truth about Banshee’s photo support

"Will Banshee support Photo management?" This is a common question both in the comments here but also in my private mails so I thought I would address it on OMG! Ubuntu! as my first editorial on the site.

10 January 2011
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Banshee now default in Natty daily builds

The day we've all be waiting for has finally arrived. After much hard work by the Banshee Project and Ubuntu, Banshee has finally been made the default music player in Natty.

6 January 2011

You asked for it, Banshee gets DVD support

Santa is not the only one delivering presents, the always hardworking Olivier Dufour, has just gotten past the last major technical hurdle in adding the DVD support he and Alex Launi have been working on. […]

27 December 2010
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Banshee 1.9.1 upgrades Ubuntu extensions, adds subtitle support

A new development release of soon-to-be Ubuntu's default music player Banshee was released a few days back, bringing with it subtitle support and improvements to the podcast view as well as a tonne of bugfixes. Read on for more information.

21 December 2010
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Banshee close to being made default music player in Natty

The Banshee Train is well on its way along the tracks, headed towards Ubuntu's default train station as a final destination and resting place - where it will hopefully stay as the default music player for some time. While it's not default yet, it's certainly going to happen soon - all you need to know to be prepared is in this article.

21 December 2010
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Help improve Banshee’s performance on Maverick

Banshee having been picked as Ubuntu's new default Music player is getting popular to test on all supported versions of Ubuntu. However there is a snag, for Maverick users, of which Ubuntu has a lot testing Banshee from what I can tell looking at the incoming bugs on GNOMEs bugtracker against Banshee.

10 December 2010
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Yo, Banshee – native it up a bit, yeah?

Banshee will be sat on millions of Ubuntu desktops next april as Ubuntu 11.04's default music player - but some users think it could do with looking a little bit more native.

5 December 2010