The Banshee project is proud to announce that Banshee 2.0 will land on April 6th 2011, continuing the alignment of the Banshee and GNOME schedules as predicted.

As Banshee has been granted the honor of being the default music player for Ubuntu 11.04 it has been decided to dedicate this entire cycle to polishing the experience and fixing problems with the aim of providing Ubuntu users with the an excellent first impression.

A few features have been requested by the Ubuntu developers though, namely UPnP mediaserver support and support for the MPRIS playlist standard, the latter being intended to fuel enhancements to the Sound Menu integration as outlined in the design specification. Finally Banshee will be working on trimming the install footprint to have the least possible impact on Ubuntu’s CD size requirement.

Additional specifically requested bugfixes will be tagged as such by the developers and the Ubuntu team during the Natty development cycle and can be followed here.

With that the Banshee project welcomes you all to a new exciting development cycle and hopes to see you all help us build the best music (and video) playing experience the Ubuntu desktop has ever seen.

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