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Banshee OMG style, now with 100% more genre filtering

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Since Joey scooped me by posting Alex Launis exellent Play Queue enhancement, I figured now the time has come to show off a 5 month old feature in Banshee. Yes.. 5 months old. Namely Alexander Kojevnikov‘s (alexk on #banshee) Genre filter patch since this is one of the most requested features amongst the comments to our Banshee postings normally it seems like a good time to show that in fact Banshee can do this.

Banshee genre filter (Ogg Theora screencast)

This feature is not yet merged as it is not felt to be finished yet but Alexander still has it on his to do list and uses it daily in his own Banshee version. He has also said that he will accept bribes to bump it up on the list should anyone feel strongly about the feature. All the Banshee team are unpaid volunteers, only so many hands and hours to go around, right now it is not a high priority feature to finish.

For now interested people with the skills to compile Banshee from source can apply this patch, personally I am using it on the latest Banshee development tree without any issue.

I also hope you all are enjoying looking at the new simplified default Banshee UI, the new development cycle has just begun but some small changes have landed already. We, in the Banshee community, are all excited about the new development cycle and intend to bring you all good stuff for the coming 6 months.

Thank you to the ever busy Alexk