The GNOME Activity Journal (which we’ve covered a bazillion times before, see here) is getting better and better by the minute!

Developer Seif Lotfy posted the following video of it in action and i can confirm that it as every-bit as enjoyable to use as it is to look at! Take a peek at the video – it’s quite short – or skip directly to the installation instructions below.

How To Install Zeitgeist & GNOME Activity Journal In Ubuntu

This method deals with installing the development, in-progress and bleeding edge version containing the latest bug-fixes, features and performance. For installing from development ‘snapshots’ you will want to see here.

I’m going to assume you already have bzr installed. If you don’t then you’ll need to install it. [You can click here to do so]

First you’ll need to get and install Zeitgeist – the engine behind GAJ.

You may wish to use the bleeding edge version inorder to get the latest bug-fixes, optimal performance and new features. Open a terminal and carefully copy the following commands.

  • bzr branch lp:zeitgeist
  • cd zeitgeist
  • ./
  • make && sudo make install
Make Zeitgeist auto-start-up when you login to save you the hassle of manually starting it.
  • System > Preferences > Startup Applications
  • New Item
  • Browse through to your Zeitgeist folder and select ‘’
  • Click ‘okay’

Now let’s grab the Activity Journal itself: –

  • bzr branch lp:gnome-activity-journal

You can run it using: –

  • cd gnome-activtiy-journal
  • ./gnome-activity-journal

It may be helpful/easier for you to create a shortcut to the GNOME Activity Journal.

  • Right-click the main menu on the upper GNOME panel
  • Choose ‘Edit Menus’
  • Click ‘Accessories’ in the left hand pane
  • Now click the ‘New Item’ button on the upper right hand side
  • Give it a name (Like, maybe, ‘GNOME Activity Journal’?)
  • For the command you will need to click ‘browse’ and navigate to your GAJ directory
  • select ‘gnome-activity-journal’ and click ‘Ok’


You can easily update both Zeitgeist and GAJ by navigating to the relevant folders in a terminal and issuing ‘bzr pull‘.

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