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Pimlico Suite Brings PIM Simplicity To The Desktop

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Pimlico is a self-described suite of “Personal Information Management (PIM) Applications.”

Although intended for use on handheld and mobile devices, the suite is built using the GTK toolkit and Evolution Database Server – making it fully compatible with Evolution and perfectly suitable for running on the GNOME Desktop.

It consists of four applications, all primarily developed by the OpenedHand project:

  • Contacts
  • Sync
  • Tasks
  • Dates


‘Contact’s’ is a simple address book for keeping your contacts data in.

It can seamlessly integrate with Evolution allowing any contact data that exists in your Evolution address-book to be accessed via Contacts.


[tasks date[3].png]

A simple “to-do” task manager complete with notes feature and due dates.

We’ve covered Tasks in more detail during our review of Linux “to-do” applications. You cam


Wednesday, 09-12-09 - Dates_044

A simple Calendar application that makes planning fun. It features a unique “zooming view” feature and allows for easy manipulation of entries by resizing them.


Sync is currently ready for public consumption but aim to sync all of the data in your PIMLICO apps with other sources.

I would love to see it gain some Google App integration — but i think that’s a bit too wishful!


The applications are designed to be small, lightweight and feature-focused. They don’t come with bells-and-whistles (at least not yet!) so revel in doing what they’re supposed to with relative ease.

Some may find them superfluous additions to the app roster when the majority of their features exists within the GNOME desktop as it (either via Evolution or Tomboy, etc) yet for users who don’t use those applications Pimlico offers an elegant alternative for managing your personal information.


No official release has been made of any of the applications within the suite. Therefore you must bear in mind that these are development versions and not intended for use in “production environments” (I.e. don’t rely on them to work 24/7).

if you’re still curious you can get each of the applications source via the official site. For ease i’ve posted links below.

Sync, as of yet, is only available via the Pimlico SVN. You can get a copy of the source using

  • svn co sync


Once extracted, the applications can be installed using the usual three steps. Enter the directory and run: –

  • ./configure
  • make
  • sudo make install