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PopTray Minus – An E-Mail Client For The System Tray

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

PopTray Minus is a notification area application for checking and notifying of new mail in your web account(s).

A Linux port of the Windows application of the same name, the application is surprisingly feature-filled with options to use multiple accounts at once, ‘preview’ messages from your entire inbox, delete unwanted messages and use filtering based on ‘from/to/subject’.

All in all – a mini mail client for your panel!

Setting up an account in PopTray Minus
Setting up GMail – or any other webmail account for that matter – is easy.

1. On first run the settings window will open. You can also add a new account by right-clicking the tray applet and choosing ‘Settings’

2. Enter a name for the account – this can be anything you like – but make it easy to identify which account it is for.
3. Choose the POP3 ‘type’. Most webmail services require the use of POP3 SSL.
4. Enter your webmails pop3 server. Some popular webmail service pop servers are:

  • GMail:
  • HotMail/LiveMail:
  • AOL:

6. The port should automatically set itself to ‘995’, if it doesn’t you can set it manually.
7. Enter in your username, including the ‘’ bit, and your password.
8. Finally, set an update interval for the application to check for new mails.
9. If you want to set filters you can enter them now
10. Click ‘Ok’ to save the changes and have the application search for mail.

Guide to entering settings in PopTray Minus; click to view larger


Simply double-click the .deb file to install. The application can then be launched from the menu entry located in Applications > Internet > PopTray Minus