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Ubuntu Control Centre project aims to make System config simple

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

A new project inspired by the Mandriva Control Centre aims to bring sanity to system configuration on Ubuntu.

Called the ‘Ubuntu Control Centre’ ” or UCC for short ” it delivers system configuration options to users in one well organized location, making system admin duties quick and intuitive.

The official page for UCC mentions that whilst that application makes use of “all the native applications already bundled with Ubuntu” it can also utilize several third-party applications such as "Hardinfo" and "Font-Manager".


The idea behind UCC is utterly valid: The current ‘System’ menus in Ubuntu are unwieldy and excessive. Aggregating those related applications/options together in sane groupings is a smart move and one that really should already be part of Ubuntu (what with its focus on being newbie-friendly and all).

On the flip side many will see an overlap between this project and the already existent ‘GNOME Control Centre’. Whilst there are parallels the GNOME iteration of a one-stop-shop is less a central hub organized intuitively and more a list in wider form.

I’m really excited for this project particularly because it makes use of third party ‘System’ applications.


The application, which do note is still in development, can be downloaded by pressing the following pink-ish button.image