Spotify ” a streaming music service extremely popular over here in Europe ” pushed out a new socially enhanced release from their rafters a few days ago.

The big ‘gist’ of the release is the introduction of a ‘Spotify music profile’ that, once connected with your Facebook account, lets you publish playlists, your top artists and top tracks to your friends’ profiles.


“Corr! It’s like a proper music player now it has local file support!”

To my mind the one killer feature in the latest release, dubbed ‘the next generation’, is support for your own local music collection. Spotify checks these to see if holds that track/artist/album in Spotify. If so the file is made ‘linkable’ so you’re not streaming tracks that you already own. To best take advantage of this be sure to run the Gracenotes scan on your library .

Linux support

I won’t beat around the bush: Spotify still has no native Linux port. Don’t be disheartened as Spotify has been designed to work with Wine! Hurrah!


If you already have a Spotify account then head over to Spotify to download. If you don’t already have an account then you will need either an invitation code, buy a premium account or add yourself to the waiting list for Spotify Free.

Once you’ve downloaded Spotify for Windows ” and assuming one has Wine already installed ” installation is a breeze.

  • Double click on Spotify.exe
  • Follow install instructions
  • Run Spotify

For troubleshooting see:

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