Many users coming to Lucid in a few days time may be confused to discover that the System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> Interface tab is no longer there.

Reasons for its removal

The tab was removed, according to GNOME developers, because “…everthing there is a user experience design cop-out. It only belongs in a tweak UI tool – but only if someone cares enough to write one.”

Thankfully someone has cared enough to write one! Hurrah!

Interface Tab

InterfaceTab is a small python script that provides GUI front-end access to the removed features – all of which remain in the gconf-editor for the more technical minded. Many users want a check box and button to press and this fufils that function nicely.

  • Download InterfaceTab @
  • Save the file to your ~/home folder (or whever you so wish)
  • Right click on it and grant it ‘exeutable’ permissions
  • Double click on it
Thanks to Sebastian

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