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Fly-Pie GNOME Extensions

Fly-Pie is an Innovative New ‘Action Launcher’ for GNOME Shell

Looking for a fancy new way to launch your favourite apps in GNOME Shell? The innovative GNOME extension featured in this post is primed for testing.

1 September 2020
Arc Menu KDE Plasma Layout

Arc Menu 48 Released with 3 New Menu Layouts + More

A new version of Arc Menu has been released (version 48 for those keeping count) and it sees the app launcher alternative level up in several crucial areas.

31 August 2020
Arc Menu GNOME Extension v47

Arc Menu 47 Released with New Layout, Other Improvements

A new version of Arc Menu, a popular extension for GNOME Shell, has been released. It includes a new, neater menu layout and alphabetical grouping options.

30 June 2020

Ulauncher 5.3 Released, Here’s How to Install it on Ubuntu

Linux app launcher Ulauncher 5.3 has been released with a number of changes. We show you how to install Ulauncher 5.3 on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Linux Mint.

23 September 2019

Arc Menu GNOME Shell Extension Update Adds New Options, Better Performance

Fans of the Arc Menu extension for GNOME Shell desktops will want to upgrade to the latest release as it introduces a stack of new customisation options.

24 July 2019
Arc Menu Extension

Arc Menu Extension Now Lets You Pin Your Fave Apps to the Sidebar

If you’re a fan of the Arc menu extension for GNOME Shell you may be interested to hear that an update is on the way. A new version of the traditional-style app menu, which is […]

18 June 2019
AppEditor lets you edit app menu entries on ubuntu

A Simple App Menu Editor for Ubuntu

Looking for an easy way to edit application launchers and menu entries on Ubuntu? Well, there’s a new app that can help. ‘AppEditor‘ provides an easy to use GUI through which you can rename app […]

20 February 2018
arc menu - an applications menu for GNOME Shell

Arc Menu for GNOME Shell Now Lets You Edit Menu Button Icon, Text

The latest update to the popular Arc Menu extension for GNOME Shell finally let users customize the menu button. Fans of this open-source alternative to the Activities Overview have been asking for the ability to customize […]

11 July 2017

GNOME Pie App Launcher Serves Up a New Release

A fresh slice of GNOME Pie, a slick animated application launcher (and more) for Linux, is now available. GNOME Pie 0.7.1 arrives out of the oven with basic Wayland support, some minor usability and interaction improvements, […]

10 July 2017
arc menu - an applications menu for GNOME Shell

Arc is a New Applications Menu for GNOME Shell

Arc is a new applications menu for GNOME Shell. It replaces the 'Activities' button with a simple, two-panel app menu and search box.

23 May 2017
cerebro file previews

Cerebro is an Open Source OS X Spotlight Equivalent for Linux

Cerebro is a Spotlight alternative for Linux, Windows and, bizarrely, macOS. Billed as an ‘open-source productivity booster with a brain’, Cerebro is an Electron app able to run across multiple platforms. It’s an extendable, open-source alternative to Spotlight and Alfred on […]

21 February 2017
ulauncher on ubuntu

Ulauncher is a Lightweight App Launcher for Linux Desktops (Updated)

Launcher is a lightweight python-based application launcher for Linux that is also able to find files and folders and conduct Google searches.

18 February 2017