Arc Menu v30 can search more places

Fans of the Arc Menu extension for GNOME Shell desktops have plenty of reason to upgrade to the latest release.

Version 30 of Arc Menu features “many changes and updates to the ArcMenu code base” that, developers say, “substantially” improve the app launcher’s look, form, and function.

Arc Menu’s ‘search’ functionality has been retooled to better match the main GNOME Shell Applications screen.

Accordingly, the applet now pays attention to the “search” sources that are enabled in GNOME Control Centre > Search. This means you’ll see matching files, system settings, new software (in GNOME Software) returned in the panel, all cleanly delineated by header labels.

Plus, as a result of this specific change, Arc Menu can now perform basic calculator functions too — handy if you don’t fancy waiting 4 hours for the GNOME calculator Snap to launch 😆!

Want to see external devices and file-manager bookmarks listed in the menu? Thanks to some new toggles in the preferences panel you can! Perfect if you like being able to quickly access external drives, CD/DVDs, mounted images, etc.

The latest version of Arc Menu touts improved Dash to Panel integration, including the notable addition of support for Dash to Panel’s multi-monitor behaviour (i.e. see Arc-Menu on all monitors).

In addition to redesigned the ‘settings’ panel, this update also intros a swathe of new customisation settings. These give you greater control over how the extension looks on your desktop, and the way in which it integrates with extensions like Dash to Dock and Dash to Panel.

Also new is seamless 4K scaling support and improved Wayland support.

Like the sound of all that? Have at it; Arc Menu 30 is live on the GNOME Shell extensions website (requires GNOME 3.32):

Get ‘Arc Menu’ GNOME Shell Extension

If you run GNOME 3.32 and already have the Arc Menu extension installed you can update it to the latest version by visiting and clicking the green ‘update’ arrow.

Big thanks Jeff

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