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The latest update to the popular Arc Menu extension for GNOME Shell finally let users customize the menu button.

Fans of this open-source alternative to the Activities Overview have been asking for the ability to customize the menu button, set a custom text label alongside it, and so on — something this release accedes to.

Users can opt to display the menu button as an icon, an icon plus system text, or an icon plus custom text. The downwards facing arrow beside the icon can also be toggled on and off.

arc menu settings dialog

Additionally, the extension also lets users set any icon they like (.png or .svg) as the menu button icon, and tweak the size of the icon too. These options can be found in the extension’s Appearance > Customise Menu Button Appearance panel.

Arc Menu is an alternative applications menu for GNOME Shell that replaces the Applications Overview with a dual-pane menu. Search functionality makes it easy to find software and offers quick access to files on your system, and shortcuts to Settings, GNOME Software, and Activities. Buttons to manage your session are also included.

arc menu with custom menu text

Users can position Arc Menu on any side of the GNOME top bar. The add-in also works with the popular Dash to Dock and Dash to Panel extensions, as pictured above.

Other changes in this latest update include refactored ‘Appearance’ and ‘Settings’ (now called ‘behaviour’) pages. Bug fixes ensure there’s now a default size set for the menu button icon in the extension schema, and addresses an issue that had prevented users from changing the menu hotkey.

Arc Menu is a free, open-source GNOME extension and is available to install on supported GNOME desktops from the official GNOME Extensions website. Source code is also available on Github.

Arc Menu on GNOME Extensions

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