Arc Menu is one the best GNOME extensions available — and it just got even better!

A brand new version of Arc Menu has been released (version 48 for those keeping count) and it sees the app launcher alternative level up in several areas — and yes, need you ask, it does include new menu layouts.

I want to start off by highlighting the revamped Settings dialog new in this update. Arc’s developers have redesigned the various config panels to better conform to GNOME’s Human Interface Guidelines (HIG). This naturally enhances usability by bringing order and consistency in, for example, the placing of toggles and switches, the use of a sidebar, cleaner layout of options, and so on.

arc menu v48 settings
Saner settings

But it’s the 3 new menu layouts included in this revision that most of you will be excited about. These include two ‘full screen’ ones: “Raven Extended” and “Dashboard”. The latter was added for ‘GNOME Purists’ who want something as immersive as GNOME Shell’s default full-screen app launcher, but with the configurability offered by an extension.

If, like me, you prefer something a little less in-your-face (literally) then check out the new KDE Plasma-inspired menu, pictured below:

Arc Menu Plasma layout
Kickoff inspired

Every slick menu set-up needs an equally-as-slick menu icon, and Arc Menu v48 adds a shovel-load of new distro icons, plus a new preset theme, and the ability to change the hover icon colour.

Improved compatibility with both Dash to Panel and Dash to Dock means the applet works more predictability; and there’s now a handy ‘reset all settings to default’ switch in Settings > Misc should you tweak things a bit too much!

Naturally there is a sled load of bug fixes, continued code refactoring, and all-important performance tweaks too.

Arc Menu is free, open source software available from Gitlab. Arc Menu v48 is compatible with GNOME 3.36 and 3.38 only.

Want to install Arc Menu on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS? The recommended way is via the (EGO) website:

Get Arc Menu on GNOME Extensions

If you have an older version of Arc Menu installed you will be notified if this update is available for you soon (or you can visit the EGO website to manually update).

Thanks Luke & Beks

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