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‘Aldabra’ – GTK2 port of GNOME 3’s default theme

GNOME 3’s default theme is a pale, elegant affair. Granted the window controls are a bit on the, shall we say beefier side, but it’s still a great theme that is very easy on the eye. If you like the theme and want to use it in Ubuntu, but don’t want the hassle that comes with it adding the GNOME 3 PPA, you now can thanks to a GTK2 port of the theme dubbed ‘Aldabra’.

1 June 2011
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‘Adwaita’ Theme for Google Chrome GNOME 3 Users

GNOME 3 Chrome users can now match their browser to the rest of their system with the release of an 'Adwaita' Chrome theme by designer Garrett LeSage.

30 May 2011