GNOME 3 Chrome users can now match their browser to the rest of their system with the release of an ‘Adwaita’ Chrome theme by designer Garrett LeSage.

The theme can be downloaded from the Google Chrome webstore, link below, and iscompatiblewith both Google Chrome and its open-source sibling Chromium.

For full effectrememberto enable use of system titlebars and borders. This can be enabled by heading to the following location:Wrench > Preferences > Personal settings > Use system titlebars and borders.

If you find the system border look too full on – and GNOME 3’s window border are rather chunky by design – the ‘compact’ theme provided should be suitably Adwaita-ized for most tastes: –

Garrett has also created some GNOME 3 style scrollbars: –

Looking for an Ambiance or Radiance Chrome theme? See here.

Download adwaita chrome gnome3