With the deadline for Ubuntu’s bi-annual wallpaper contest having just passed it’s time to quietly hope that our favourite entries make it through into the default wallpaper pack for Ubuntu 11.04 itself.

And we have to admit that, like a creative version of Moore’s Law, the quality of entries with each contest just keeps outdoing the last.

Below are are five of my personal favourites form the entries. Do browse through the artwork pool for yourself – there’s a lot of awesome work to be seen (and downloaded for use as wallpaper ;) )

Signpost by maroubal2

Nathan by Islingt0ner

Red Berries Bobble By orb9220

Summer Grass By Bruvelis

Finally, whilst this entry was a recent upload to the Ubuntu Artwork Pool it’s not tagged with the ‘Nattywallpaper’ entry it’s just too beautiful to not mention.

Misty Morning by sirpecangum

Wallpaper natty