You’re either into wallpaper, or your not.And if you are then chances are you’re constantly changing it.

Wallch is a small application that helps automate the wallpaper changing process, and brings a few nifty extras with it too…

The first step in using Wallch is to add as many folders full of backgrounds as you think you’re going to need. Feel free to browse our /wallpaper tag to find some inspiration.

Wallpaper images can be ordered in the ‘slideshow’ according to preference using the ‘move up’ or ‘move down’ button. Wallpapers nearer the top appear first, whilst images nearer the bottom appear later in the procession. Thetime slider sat beneath the list view lets you choose the length of time that needs to elapse before the wallpaper changes.

But routine is boring, right? To spice things up you can check the ‘change wallpaper randomly’ and ‘change wallpaper in random time’ options to have your slideshow change of its own accord.

When a wallpaper changes a notification bubble appears: –

Likely to annoy you? Fear not, the option can be switched off in the application ‘Preferences’. If you really love beingnotifieda ‘sound alert’ option is also available.

Preferenceswise you can configure the default “style” of the wallpaper (i.e. whether it zooms, stretches); whether notifications appear/sound on wallpaper change; and specify start up options. GNOME 2 users also have theoptionof changing the “lock screen” background.

Live Earth Wallpaper

The “big sell” for me is the ‘Live Earth Wallpaper’ extra. Enabling this option sets your desktop wallpaper to a flat image of the earth complete with sun tracking. The wallpaper updates every 30 mins, which is a fair enough time to notice changes.

Perhaps most importantly where wallpaper isconcerned it looks fantastic:


Wallch works on both GNOME 2 and GNOME 3 desktops, though the ‘Unity features’ only work in Unity 3D.

A 32bit .Deb installer is provided @

Whilst the source is also available for download at the same location I was unable to compile it successfully on either Ubuntu 11.04 64bit or 11.10 64bit.

Tip via Alex

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