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Hallowe’en Fright: “OMG! He Doesn’t Even Use Ubuntu?!”

Settle amongst the shadows dancing by pumpkin light for a terrifying tale of one American's daring dance with the Linux distro your parents warn you about…

31 October 2019
unity desktop

Why Did Ubuntu Drop Unity? Mark Shuttleworth Explains

Mark Shuttleworth shares more details on why Ubuntu chose to drop Unity, a decision that took the Linux community by surprise back in April 2017.

24 October 2017
generic tux

Did You Know That Linux Users Make the Most Valuable Customers?

Are Linux users the most valuable customers you can have? It might sound like a bit of an ego rub, but we think so — and we’re going to tell you why. Over the years […]

18 July 2017
ubuntu 17.10 development

Ubuntu Desktop Team Discuss Their Plans for GNOME in Ubuntu 17.10

Many are wondering what to expect from Ubuntu 17.10 when it's released later this year, so we caught up with the Ubuntu Desktop Team to find out.

16 May 2017

Mark Shuttleworth Talks Ubuntu Watches, Unity 8 and The Future of Free Software

The man, the myth, and the space-faring market-disrupting legend, but also a very busy man. Yet, in the weeks following each new release of Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth manages to find some time to talk to the community and answer […]

5 May 2016

Mark Shuttleworth Talks Mir, Ubuntu Touch Marketshare & Mudslinging

Following a new release of Ubuntu Mark Shuttleworth puts himself in front of the community for a Question & Answer session. This, folks, is what he had to say...

22 May 2013
mechanig for Ubuntu

Interview With Devs Behind New Ubuntu Tweak Tool ‘Mechanig’

If you're an Ubuntu User that enjoys pushing their desktop customization to the limits, then you may have heard of new desktop configuration tool by the name of 'Mechanig'. Although desktop-tweaking tools aren't scarce, Mechanig aims to equip users with a fast, easy-to-use tool. I recently had the opportunity to interview the Freyja Development Team.

6 January 2013
Daniel Ryan and President Barack Obama

We Interview Daniel Ryan, Director of Front-End Development for ‘Obama for America’

With the Election in the rear-view mirror for Americans we are starting to learn about the tools, assets and people that helped President Barack Obama win re-election. One of tools that helped give Obama for America an edge was "Ubuntu" due to its cost-savings and the familiarity that members of the team had with it and how well it was supported in the cloud. I recently had an opportunity to interview Daniel Ryan, who was the Director of Front-End Development for Obama for America, and here's what he had to say...

28 November 2012

Editshare Admit ‘Communication Issues’ Over Lightworks Linux Alpha

Editshare, the company behind the professional video editor Lightworks, have admitted that the release of their Linux alpha could've gone better. The tool, which made its Linux debut yesterday, was widely expected to be available to all. But, despite previous announcements on the release not mentioning restrictions, the alpha release was only made available to a limited number of testers.

31 October 2012
Placeholder koala image

Is The NexPhone Concept Worth Donating To?

The NexPhone wants $950,000 of your money to build a prototype. But is it worth chucking coin at? We take a look...

14 September 2012

Why Zeitgeist Is Not Evil

Privacy is the digital hot potato of today - and rightly so. What we do on our computers is, frankly, no-one else's business. We 'allow' some companies, such as Google and Facebook, to track what we do online so as to better serve us. And most of us don't mind. But is Zeitgeist - the 'relevancy engine' used in Ubuntu to keep track of which files and apps you use most - evil?

23 August 2012
Leann Ogasawara

We Interview Leann Ogasawara, Canonical Kernel Team Manager, Marathoner and Mother

I first met Leann Ogasawara at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Oakland, California back in May of this year and ever since hearing her talk about the various projects she works on I wanted to get a interview in. Fortunately enough I was able to sync up with Leann to do the following interview despite her very busy schedule.

13 August 2012