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It’s Elementary: Dan Rabbit Talks Early Days of eOS

I recently had an opportunity to sit and chat with Daniel 'DanRabbit' Foré about many things. In this first part of the interview, we discuss elementary, his role in it, recent and future prospects...

12 June 2012

Ubuntu 12.10 Development Update

In this update we reached out to Ubuntu Developer and juju Extraordinaire Clint Byrum for an interview and to see what he is working on in the 12.10 Release Cycle. Benjamin Kerensa: What are you doing […]

11 June 2012

Mark Shuttleworth on Ubuntu 12.10 Plans, Netflix & Windows 8

He's the founder of Ubuntu and its parent company Canonical, and is the creative force behind not on the Unity desktop but its expansion to new form factors. So he's a very busy man. But every six months Mark Shuttleworth sets aside 1 hour to answer questions from the community.

1 May 2012
Martin Pitt

Ubuntu 12.04 Development Update 18

Development Update We are only five weeks away from the release of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. Next week we expect the Beta 2 release to go out and afterwards only important fixes will go in. 26th […]

23 March 2012
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Ubuntu 12.04 Development Update 16

Development Update Only seven weeks until release. If you are excited, you’re not the only one. We still have two weeks until Beta 2 Freeze and three weeks until Beta 2 Release and if you […]

8 March 2012
Benjamin Kerensa

Ubuntu 12.04 Development Update 15

Development Update Today marks the transition of Ubuntu 12.04 from Alpha Testing into the first phase of Beta Testing as Ubuntu 12.04 Beta 1 is released. Nicholas Skaggs has a number of items you can […]

1 March 2012
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Ubuntu 12.04 Development Update 14

Development Update Nine weeks until release and one thing is clear already: 12.04 will be a kick-arse release. Thanks everyone for your hard work on it! Still there’s a few things which still need to […]

23 February 2012
Robert Roth

Ubuntu 12.04 Development Update 13

Development Update And again we are in the most interesting time of the release cycle. Today we will hit Feature Freeze at around 21:00 UTC. The time where we stop introducing new features, packages, and […]

16 February 2012

OMG Interviews Valorie Zimmerman, Ubuntu women, Linux Grandma and Kubuntu Extraordinaire

Valorie has been a valuable contributor to the Kubuntu community and overall Free Open Source Software community for quite awhile and I had the privilege of meeting her last year at Community Leadership Summit and […]

13 February 2012

Ubuntu 12.04 Development Update 13

Development Update Ubuntu 12.04 is shaping up nicely. Last week Alpha 2 got released, which means you should be testing by now. Next week we will hit Feature Freeze, by which time we “stop introducing […]

9 February 2012
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‘We’re Going to Be Building Awesome Things’ – Canonical’s Will Cooke

Ubuntu TV captured the attention and imaginations of the technology press after its reveal at CES 2012. And rightly so. The demo of Ubuntu TV shown off at the event proved that not only are […]

6 February 2012
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Ubuntu 12.04 Development Update 12

(Brought to you by the Ubuntu Development News team and first posted here.) Development Update It is the week of Ubuntu 12.04 Alpha 2 which is to be released in just a few hours. Everybody […]

2 February 2012