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Windows 10 theme for cinnamon desktop

Here’s How You Can Install Cinnamon 3.2 on Ubuntu, Right Now

A brand new version of the Cinnamon desktop is about to be released, and chances are you want can’t wait to install it on Ubuntu. The good news is that you can install Cinnamon 3.2 on Ubuntu, both LTS […]

7 November 2016
adobe flash linux logo

How To Install Adobe Flash on Ubuntu

Adobe began to offer their Flash Player plugin for Linux a couple of months back, 4 years after abandoning the platform.  In the years since the snub the web’s reliance on and use of Flash technologies has (thankfully) dwindled. But that doesn’t […]

7 November 2016

How to Install Open Store on Ubuntu Phone

This weekend saw unofficial WhatsApp support arrive on the Ubuntu Phone, with the arrival of messaging app Loqui IM.

30 October 2016
global menu in cinnamon on linux mint

How To Enable Global Menu on Linux Mint/Cinnamon

If you’re using to the global app menu used in the Ubuntu Unity desktop, and want to use something similar in Cinnamon, you can.  A third-party Cinnamon extension called Global AppMenu, currently in beta, provides […]

24 October 2016

How To Install Legacy Apps on Unity 8 in Ubuntu 16.10

Want to install and use legacy apps like GIMP and Rhythmbox in the Unity 8 desktop session included with Ubuntu 16.10? In this how-to we show you how, step-by-step.

13 October 2016

How to Upgrade to Ubuntu 16.10 from Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

In this post we’re going to show you how to upgrade to Ubuntu 16.10 from Ubuntu 16.04 LTS — both before its release, and after. This article is written before the release of Ubuntu 16.10 […]

10 October 2016
etcher image writer

How to Create a Bootable Ubuntu USB with Etcher

If you want to do a clean install of Ubuntu 16.10 when it lands next week, or install it on a different computer, then a bootable flash drive is the way to go. That’s in my […]

3 October 2016

How to See The Terminal Commands You Use The Most

A lot of us use the command line on a regular basis, be it to do some simple package management with apt or monitor system resources with top. Have you ever wondered which commands you use most […]

30 September 2016
polychromatic controller app for linux

Polychromatic Works With New Razer Linux Drivers, Even More Devices

Last month we wrote about a desktop app that let you configure Razer keyboards on Linux. It’s called Polychromatic. Our article appeared at a time of transition for the app as it was in the middle of switching away […]

21 September 2016

[How To] See Android Notifications on The Ubuntu Desktop

Pushbullet is a popular service that lets you quickly share links, files and messages between your smart devices and your regular desktop OS. Better still, the free service also lets you see Android app notifications on the […]

14 September 2016

How To Install The Budgie Desktop on Ubuntu

It’s a been a couple of years since I last wrote anything about the Budgie desktop environment. You might think that was intentional but it wasn’t. Fact is, I didn’t know the project was still going, […]

11 September 2016

How To Install Unity Mail on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Unity Mail — does the name ring a bell? It might. This small app let you see the number of unread messages in your Gmail (or other webmail) account on the Unity launcher without the (comparative) hassle of setting […]

9 September 2016