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sudo visible

How to See Asterisks When Typing Your Password in the Terminal

Enter your sudo password in the terminal and you'll see nothing. No asterisks, no characters, no nothing. You're not doing it wrong and your keyboard isn't broken. It's by design.

10 August 2016
clean ubuntu system

Essential Guide: 5 Simple Ways To Free Up Space on Ubuntu

When you need to free up space on Ubuntu here are 5 simple things you can do – from cleaning the apt cache to removing old kernels.

9 August 2016
libreoffice app icons

How to Upgrade to LibreOffice 5.2 on Ubuntu

LibreOffice 5.2 is now available to install on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS & Ubuntu 16.04 LTS from the official LibreOffice PPA.

9 August 2016

How To Access Your Google Drive on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Want to access your Google Drive files natively on the Ubuntu desktop? You can, and here's how.

4 August 2016

Learn a New Word Every Time You Open The Terminal

Learn a new word each time you open the terminal with 'sudocabulary', a command-line script that helps you broaden your vocabulary.

4 August 2016
ubuntu 16.04 bash upgrade for windows 10

How to Upgrade Bash on Windows 10 to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

We show you how to upgrade Ubuntu on Bash on Windows from 14.04.4 LTS to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

3 August 2016

How To Enable Bash on Windows 10 (In 5 Simple Steps)

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is here, and it’s rolling out now. Among the new features it brings is Bash for Windows — an Ubuntu-based tool that lets you run familiar Linux apps on Windows natively. Say […]

3 August 2016
unity firefox launcher integration

Make Firefox Show Download Progress on the Unity Launcher

If you want to see Firefox download progress on the Unity Launcher then click in. We look at a new Firefox add-on that offers this sweet Unity integration.

1 August 2016
gimp loading screen

Customize The GIMP Loading Screen With These Colorful Splashes

Want to replace the GIMP's loading screen with something more stylish? You can, and in this post we show you how.

1 August 2016

Keep Ubuntu Awake with Caffeine (And Avoid That Pesky Lock Screen)

We show you how to disable the Ubuntu lock screen, adjust the inactive time before the screen turns off, or use an app to solve both problems in one click!

21 July 2016

This Nifty Script Lets You Watch Netflix in Vivaldi Web Browser

Want to watch Netflix in Vivaldi or another Chromium-based web browser on Linux without installing Google Chrome? This script has you covered.

15 July 2016
image with text that reads install gnome extensions on ubuntu

Essential Guide: How to Install GNOME Extensions on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Learn how to install GNOME extensions on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and above in this simple guide. GNOME Shell extensions are hugely popular, so don't miss out!

6 July 2016