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How To Enable Bash on Windows 10 (In 5 Simple Steps)

Windows 10 Anniversary Update is here, and it’s rolling out now. Among the new features it brings is Bash for Windows — an Ubuntu-based tool that lets you run familiar Linux apps on Windows natively. Say […]

3 August 2016
unity firefox launcher integration

Make Firefox Show Download Progress on the Unity Launcher

If you want to see Firefox download progress on the Unity Launcher then click in. We look at a new Firefox add-on that offers this sweet Unity integration.

1 August 2016
gimp loading screen

Customize The GIMP Loading Screen With These Colorful Splashes

Want to replace the GIMP's loading screen with something more stylish? You can, and in this post we show you how.

1 August 2016

Keep Ubuntu Awake with Caffeine (And Avoid That Pesky Lock Screen)

We show you how to disable the Ubuntu lock screen, adjust the inactive time before the screen turns off, or use an app to solve both problems in one click!

21 July 2016

This Nifty Script Lets You Watch Netflix in Vivaldi Web Browser

Want to watch Netflix in Vivaldi or another Chromium-based web browser on Linux without installing Google Chrome? This script has you covered.

15 July 2016
gnome extensions tile

How To Install GNOME Extensions Using Google Chrome or Vivaldi

Do you want to install GNOME Extensions using Google Chrome or Chromium? Well, we're going to show you how.

6 July 2016

How to Install Gedit 3.10 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Updated)

Wish Gedit still had its toolbar? We show you how to install an older version of popular open-source text editor on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

26 June 2016
vlc chromecast

How to Install VLC 3.0 Nightly On Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

A couple days ago we got a little giddy covering burgeoning support for Chromecast in VLC 3.0. Many of you were equally as excited as us, even though a formal, stable release of VLC 3.0 is still many […]

16 June 2016

Scripts to ‘Fix’ ThinkPad Touchpad Issues on Ubuntu

I don’t own a ThinkPad, but I know that a lot of you do. A reader who doesn’t wish to be credited pinged us a link to a set of scripts that claim to “fix” touchpad and […]

13 June 2016
steam for linux with tux

How To Install Steam on Ubuntu 16.04 (and Above)

This post will show you how to install Steam on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and above. Now, before you say it, I know. You’re reading this with a slightly egregious look on your face because, after all, it’s […]

8 June 2016

How To Get Nifty Screenshot Tool ‘Screencloud’ Running on Ubuntu 16.04

Screencloud is a great screenshot tool for the Linux desktop, but it's not available for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. In this post we show you how to force install it.

6 June 2016

How To Disable Desktop Notifications on Ubuntu

The Unity 7 desktop in Ubuntu does not come with a ‘do not disturb’ feature by default. Ubuntu desktop notification can keep you notified of many things, from a track change in Rhythmbox to new […]

5 June 2016