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upgrading ubuntu trusty to xenial

How To Upgrade Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Want to know how to upgrade Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to Ubuntu 16.04 LTS? Read on; we walk you through the process, step-by-step.

19 April 2016
upgrading ubuntu wily to xenial

How To Upgrade To Ubuntu 16.04 LTS from 15.10

Ubuntu 16.04 is nearing release, meaning some of you will soon be thinking about when and how you plan to upgrade. You don’t have to start from scratch with a fresh install (though some swear by it). You can […]

9 April 2016

8 Tricks for Better Battery Life on Linux Laptops

Desktop Linux is not the most power efficient OS, so we show you 11 simple ways to get longer battery life on a Linux laptop.

4 April 2016

Here’s How To Install Unity 8 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

In this article we look the current state of Unity 8 & Mir (thanks to a new video), and show you how to install Unity 8 on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

3 April 2016
usb tile

How To Make a Bootable Ubuntu USB on Windows, Mac and Linux

With Ubuntu 16.04 LTS inching ever closer to release, now feels like a good time to recap how easy it is to make an bootable Ubuntu USB drive.  Just like the live CD, a live Linux USB allows you to boot Ubuntu on […]

1 April 2016
jpegoptimise example

Quickly Compress Jpeg Images on Linux from the Terminal

Let's say you need to compress and optimize a JPEG image on Linux. How do you do it?

17 March 2016

How to Change Desktop Font on Ubuntu (Pssst, It’s Easy)

So you want to change font on Ubuntu but you don't know how? Read this post! We show how to change font and adjust font size on Ubuntu and GNOME Shell.

14 March 2016
smiley emoji thumbnail

How To See Full Color Emoji on Linux (Updated)

An open-source font brings full color emoji to Linux desktops and is based on the EmojiOne glyph set. We show you how to install the font on Ubuntu.

10 March 2016

How To Fix The (Annoying) ‘Failed to Fetch’ Chrome apt Error

We show you how to fix the 'failed to fetch' apt error on Ubuntu, an issue caused by Google dropping 32-bit Chrome for Linux earlier this month.

4 March 2016

How To Add a Unity Quicklist to Spotify for Linux

The latest stable release of Spotify for Linux has a missing system tray icon. We show you how to add a Unity quicklist to control playback.

3 March 2016

How to Install Transmission 2.90 on Ubuntu from a PPA

Want to install the latest release of open-source torrent client Transmission on Ubuntu? Just follow these steps to add the official PPA.

2 March 2016

How to Disable Automatic Updates on Ubuntu

Want to disable automatic system update notifications on Ubuntu? It's easy to do, and in this article we show you how.

27 February 2016