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Here you can discover the latest Linux apps, software and system utilities to use on Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and related distributions, from office suites and music players to dev tools and CLI scripts for getting things done.

yak yak google hangouts

YakYak is an Open Source Google Hangouts Desktop App

Meet YakYak, a Google Hangouts desktop app for Linux, Windows and Mac. It supports most Hangout features and has a couple bonus features of its own.

25 October 2017
cozy audiobook player

Cozy Audiobook Player for Linux – A Promising New App

Cozy audiobook player for Linux is a new app providing a 'modern' UI from which to browse and play your collection of audiobooks, talking books, and more.

24 October 2017
linux handwriting app

‘Write’ is a Fantastic Handwritten Note Taking App for Linux

Write is a free app that lets you make handwritten notes on Linux using a touchscreen and stylus (or a smudgy finger), with features tailored for this use.

13 October 2017

Simple Weather Indicator Hits 1.0, Adds “Feels Like”, More Stats

Simple Weather Indicator for Ubuntu's Unity desktop has reached version 1.0. It adds more meteorological metadata including 'feels like' temperature.

8 October 2017
mailspring nylas themes

Mailspring is a Powerful New (Semi Open Source) Email App

Mailspring is a free, open source desktop email client for Windows, Mac and Linux. It's a fork of Nylas Mail, but with a native core and better performance.

4 October 2017
Geary 0.11 on Ubuntu 16.04

Geary 0.12 Released, Here’s How To Install It on Ubuntu

Geary 0.12 has been released, the first major update of the app since 2016. It features, among other changes, improvements to the rich text composer.

3 October 2017
a screenshot of the coffee news and weather app

Coffee is a News & Weather App for Ubuntu Desktops

Coffee is a new Linux app that helps you to stay up-to-date with current news and weather without needing to touch the new tab button in your browser.

29 September 2017
brackets running on Ubuntu

Adobe Brackets 1.11 Released, Is ‘Fully Supported’ on Linux

A new version of the Brackets text editor is available to download, and Adobe say the Linux build is 'at par with what you get on Mac and Windows'.

26 September 2017
skype facebook image

Fix “This version of Skype is not supported” Error on Ubuntu

A number of Skype Linux users have been touch to say they get a 'not supported' error when trying to use the latest version. What's going on?

24 September 2017
gnome dash to dock facebook image

Dash to Dock v61 Released with Unity-Style Launcher Backlights

An updated version of Dash to Dock, the massively popular desktop dock for GNOME Shell desktop, is available to install.

17 September 2017
install sublime text 3 on ubuntu

Sublime Text 3 Officially Released for Windows, macOS and Linux

Sublime Text 3 has been officially released! I know; it feels like you’ve been using the beta builds for what feels like an eternity — but, at long last, a new stable release of the […]

13 September 2017

MPV 0.27 Released with Minor Fixes, New OpenGL Options

An updated version of MPV, the popular open-source media player, is available to download.

13 September 2017