Cozy 0.5.6 on Ubuntu

A new version of Cozy, the GTK-based audiobook player for Linux desktops, is available to download.

Cozy 0.5.6 isn’t a major update, but it does improve some welcome new features, including a new audiobook overview headed by tabs to switch switch between ‘recent’ listens, ‘author’ and ‘reader’ views.

The app now looks sharper on HiDPI displays, and fans of all things dark can enable the new dark mode (which works with compatible GTK themes, like Adwaita).

Main chances in Cozy 0.5.6:

  • New book overview
  • HiDPI support
  • Optional dark mode
  • Option to display current chapter or the book name in titlebar
  • Remembers playback speed for each book
  • Press ‘space’ key to pause/resume
  • Support for multiple folders/storage locations

Other improvements since we last mentioned the app at the end of last year include the ability to adjust playback speed, the ability to see remaining time of audiobooks, support for embedded album art, and startup time tweaks.

Download Cozy Audiobook Player

Cozy is free, open-source software available to download (as source) from Github.

Cozy on Github

You don’t have to mess around with source code as you can install Cozy on Ubuntu, Linux Mint, elementary OS or any major Linux distribution as a Flatpak app (which, like most indie apps these days, is distributed on the Flathub store):

Cozy app listing on Flathub

Ubuntu does not currently support a) Flatpak by default, or b) ‘click to install’ buttons on the Flathub store. So, if you want to install Cozy as a Flatpak, you’ll need to use the command line.

First install Flatpak (if you already have it, skip):

sudo apt install flatpak

Next add the Flathub repo (if you already have it, skip):

flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

Finally install Cozy:

flatpak install flathub com.github.geigi.cozy

This last command may nudge you to install the GNOME 3.24 or GNOME 3.26 runtime first. This is a shared runtime which provides the bulk of dependencies required by Cozy and many other GTK apps available on Flathub. You’ll only need to install the GNOME platform runtime once.

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