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Founder and editor of this site! I've been blogging about Ubuntu daily since first discovering it in 2008. Although I love Ubuntu I like Linux distros in general, and like to try out new apps, distros, and keep track of developments within the wider tech community.

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KDE Plasma 6.0 Release Date Revealed – Let the Hype Begin

KDE Plasma 6.0, the next major release of the phenomenally popular open-source desktop environment, is under rapid development. But one question has persisted: when will it be released? Last month KDE devs shared a tentative […]

23 October 2023

Errands is a Top To-Do List App for Linux Users

If you want to get stuff done, you have to get organised, and using a dedicated to-do app is an invaluable way to do that. Linux users have access to tons of terrific to-do list […]

22 October 2023

9 Spooky Halloween Desktop Wallpapers for Ubuntu

There’s a chill in the air – and not just because I left the kitchen window open. It’s Hallowe’en season! All Hallows’ Eve! Samhain! Commercialized creepiness! Whatever you call it, October is the only month […]

22 October 2023

How to Display Battery Percentage in Ubuntu’s Top Panel

If you’ve installed Ubuntu on a laptop, you might want to view battery percentage in the top bar. In this post, I’ll show you how to do this. While the Quick Settings menu in Ubuntu […]

21 October 2023

What’s Your Ubuntu 24.04 Codename Prediction?

A new Ubuntu release cycle is about to get underway which means a new Ubuntu codename is needed. So I’m asking you what your choice would be for the Ubuntu 24.04 codename. Per tradition, the […]

20 October 2023

Happy 19th Birthday, Ubuntu!

Today is Ubuntu’s 19th birthday! Yes, you read that right: nine-freakin’-teenth. October 20, 2004 was when Ubuntu 4.10 arrived, codenamed ‘Warty Warthog’ as it was still rather rough around the edges. Buoyed by a marketing […]

20 October 2023
Raspberry Pi Imager App

Raspberry Pi Imager 1.8.1 Released with UI Changes

A new version of the Raspberry Pi Imager app is available to download. This cross-platform tool makes it easy to download OS images designed for the Raspberry Pi and flash them to connected USB drives […]

19 October 2023
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ONLYOFFICE 7.5 Released with New PDF Editor + More

A new version of ONLYOFFICE, an open-source productivity suite for Windows, macOS, and Linux, is available to download. ONLYOFFICE 7.5 includes the usual grab-bag of improvements across its 4 core components (document editor, spreadsheet app, […]

19 October 2023
Kubuntu update

How to Upgrade to KDE Plasma 5.27 on Kubuntu 22.04

KDE Plasma 5.27 is now available for users of Kubuntu 22.04 LTS to upgrade to — if they want to. Kubuntu 22.04 LTS ships with KDE Plasma 5.24. That is a solid release that works […]

18 October 2023
VirtualBox Logo

VirtualBox 7.0.12 Out, Adds Support for Linux 6.6

Linux kernel 6.6 might not be out yet (it’s due in the next few weeks) but that’s not stopped Oracle adding initial support for it in the latest release of VirtualBox. VirtualBox shouldn’t need much […]

18 October 2023

Fix ‘No App Installed for Debian Package’ in Ubuntu 23.10

When you double click on a deb package in Ubuntu 23.10 an error appears to tell you “there is no app installed for ‘Debian package’ files”. In this post I show some workarounds to resolve […]

17 October 2023

Xubuntu 23.10 Refines its Winning Formula

In this post I run through the key changes shipping in the latest version of Ubuntu’s lighter flavour, Xubuntu. Xubuntu 23.10 released on October 12, 2023, with an array of performance buffs, stability boosts, memory […]

17 October 2023