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Essential Guide: Ubuntu 22.04 Release Date & New Features

Ubuntu 22.04 is due for release on April 21, 2022. In this post we look at the various new features and key changes that are planned for the release. Development of Ubuntu 22.04 is still […]

15 January 2022
a jammy jellyfish with ubuntu logo

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Will Use Linux 5.15 Kernel

We now know what Linux kernel version Ubuntu 22.04 LTS will use when released in April. If you were hoping for the very latest we're here to disappoint…

14 January 2022

Your First Look at System76’s Rust-Based Desktop Experience

If you’ve been itching to hear some progress about System76’s new desktop environment, you’re in luck! Developer Eduardo Flores went hands on with early development versions of several COSMIC components and written about his findings […]

13 January 2022

Don't Miss: Ubuntu 22.04 May Include GNOME 42, But Few GTK4 Apps

Ubuntu 22.04 may ship with GNOME 42 if all goes to plan, but it won't be carrying many GTK4 apps by default. Ubuntu dev Sebastien Bacher details why.

13 January 2022
warble word game on elementary OS

Warble is a ‘Wordle’ Clone for elementary OS (And It’s Just as Addictive)

Get your word guessing game on in elementary OS with 'Warble', an open source clone of the über viral word game 'Wordle'. Learn more about it inside.

12 January 2022

KDE Plasma 5.24’s Default Wallpaper is Unveiled

KDE developers share the desktop wallpaper that will ship in KDE Plasma 5.24 this spring. The background was created using open source software tools.

12 January 2022
extension manager thumbnail

This App Makes Installing GNOME Extensions MUCH Easier

Want to install GNOME extensions without using a web browser? Check out the new 'Extension Manager' app. Full details on this super handy tool inside.

12 January 2022
raspberry pi 2gb ubuntu desktop support

Ubuntu Brings Full Desktop to Raspberry Pi 4 with 2GB RAM

The full Ubuntu desktop experience can be run on a Raspberry Pi 4 with just 2GB RAM. Ubuntu devs detail the technical wizardry needed to make it possible.

11 January 2022

PinePhone Pro ‘Explorer Edition’ Pre-Orders Go Live

Pre-orders for the PinePhone Pro 'Explorer Edition' are now live on the Pine Store. The powerful upgrade to the original PinePhone costs from $399.

11 January 2022
end of life 21.04

Ubuntu 21.04 Support Ends January 20, 2022

The end is nigh for the Hirsute Hippo, as official support for Ubuntu 21.04 ends on January 20, 2022. After this date it will get no further updates.

11 January 2022

Firefox 96 is Available to Download, This is What’s New

We look at what's new in Firefox 96, show a few screenshots, and give you a download link you don't need as Ubuntu comes with Firefox pre-installed.

11 January 2022
Linux Mint logo

Linux Mint Announces Major New Partnership with Mozilla

Linux Mint has confirmed it's made a new deal with Mozilla that will change the way Firefox is included in the popular Ubuntu-based Linux distro.

10 January 2022