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ubuntu in 2022

What Do You Want to See From Ubuntu in 2022?

C'mon folks, don't be shy! Let me know what you want to see from Ubuntu over the next 12 months. You can be as demanding or realistic as you want.

3 January 2022
papirus icons on ubuntu 20.04

Papirus Icon Set Updated with 45 New Icons

The first Papirus icons update of 2022 is now available. Over 45 apps have been added to the icon set, and many icons redesigned. Find more details inside.

3 January 2022

Epic New Window Closing Effects Available for GNOME Shell

More cool Compiz-inspired effects for your Linux desktop including claw-ripping, tv tune-out, and Matrix-style dissolving. All totally OTT, all super cool.

2 January 2022
unsplash gaming laptop picture

Ubuntu is Getting Serious About Linux Gaming

A new job listing at Canonical shows that the company is taking gaming on Ubuntu seriously. Choosing graphics drivers is among tasks the new job requires.

2 January 2022
Pinta 2.0 screenshot

Pinta 2.0 Released, Completes Port to GTK3 & .NET 6

Planning to indulge your creative ice this year? If so, check out the release of Pinta 2.0. The open source image editor has been ported to GTK3 & .NET 6.

1 January 2022
happy new year with linux mascot

Happy New Year, Folks — Let’s Fill it with Linux!

A saccharine post of colossally cloy sincerity expressed through the medium of words (when I can enter them in the right order), topped with appreciation.

1 January 2022

Libadwaita 1.0 Arrives to Kickstart a New Era of GTK App Development

It's big, bold, and controversial – and it's now here. Libadwaita 1.0 has been released. Learn why it's a big deal, and what it could mean for Ubuntu.

31 December 2021
the arc menu gnome extension

Arc Menu Extension Adds a New Layout & Standalone Runner Mode

Arc Menu GNOME extension just released a new version. It adds a menu layout inspired by Windows 11 (again), plus a standalone mode. Learn more in this post.

30 December 2021
Firefox unimpressed emoji

I Hate to Say It, But Firefox: You’re Becoming Annoying

Firefox tells me about Mozilla VPN every time I open the browser. In this post I let off some steam about it, and detail how to disable it.

30 December 2021
How to install flatpak

How to Install Flatpak & Flathub on Ubuntu (Complete Guide)

Learn how to install Flatpak on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or later to access hundreds of Flatpak apps available on Flathub — it's easier than you think!

30 December 2021
quick settings for GNOME SHell

GNOME Devs Explore Slick ‘Quick Settings’ Feature for GNOME Shell

A faster way to toggle settings in GNOME Shell is explored in these mockups from the GNOME design team. Though not final, they hint at an exiciting future.

29 December 2021
enlightenment desktop logo

The Enlightenment Desktop Just Got a Big Update

Fans of the Enlightenment desktop need to check out the new Enlightenment 0.25 release. It includes a new look, fingerprint support, and more.

27 December 2021