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Totem’s Youtube playback to enter dark ages

Soon, all of Totem users' fast computers and high-speed internet connections will be reverting to 176x144 3GP youtube video.

14 January 2011
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Minimal GNOME-panel replacement ‘Wingpanel’ gets a PPA [Updated]

Ever wanted to try the sexy Wingpanel but were scared of building from source? A noble soul by the name of Taylor "Ripps" LeMasurier-Wren has created a PPA for us to use.

2 January 2011
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dmedia 0.2 ‘Feature Frenzy’ sees the light of the day

The 0.2 version of dmedia (codnamed 'Feature Frenzy'), the storage component of Novacut Video Editor, has been released right according to the schedule. Geeky bits follow with a sneak peek of the first iteration of the UI.

30 December 2010
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Leaked images of mysterious Ubuntu powered tablet

Giz-China has revealed some images of an Ubuntu powered multitouch tablet by an unknown manufacturer showing off the Unity interface.

25 December 2010
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Get involved with the One Hundred Paper Cuts Project

Ever wanted to get Involved with the One Hundred Papercuts Project? Here we tell you how to get involved in reporting, triaging and fixing papercuts.

11 December 2010
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Hacking on Kinect gets a whole lot easier

PrimeSense, the company behind Kinect has released open-source drivers for the peripheral, and established an Natural Interaction devices, applications and middleware organisation named OpenNI.

10 December 2010
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Take a bite out of Unity’s bitesize bugs

Ever wanted to fix some bugs in Unity? Bitesize bugs are small-ish ones that will help you to get started.

9 December 2010
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Canonical COO Matt Asay leaves to join web startup

Canonical COO Matt Asay has today announced via his blog that he is leaving Canonical to join start-up 'Strobe Inc.', which focuses on building an open web through mobile apps.

8 December 2010
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Why doesn’t Unity just use Docky? Here’s why.

If you ever wondered why Unity uses it's own launcher instead of the SimplyAwesome™ Docky, here is an explanation, straight from Docky's creator Jason Smith.

8 December 2010
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Weekend! 5! – Five Papercuts to fix this weekend

Ever bothered by the little usablity bugs that are generally overlooked by developers? Here we list 5 of them that you could spend your weekend fixing and making everyone happy.

4 December 2010
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Poll: Which of these five games would you want multi-touch support for?

We previously asked you which games Ubuntu developers should focus on in adding multi-touch support for. The 5 most voted games from that post have now been arranged into a poll to see which game is truly your most desired multi-touch wannabe.

28 November 2010
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Unigine announces competition for Linux game developers

Unigine Corp., the company behind the Unigine Engine and the upcoming OilRush game have announced a contest to encourage game development on Linux that gives away a free license of their flagship product.

26 November 2010