Soon, all of Totem users’ fast computers and high-speed internet connections will be reverting to 176×144 3GP YouTube video.


It seems that Totem is violating §5.C of the Youtube Terms of Service.

Developer Bastien Nocera explains…

We thought that Totem was living in a soft, gray, area by using YouTube GData API to do video searches, and then accessing direct streams that were of the quality expected by users, and in formats that meant out-of-the-box support for most Linux distributions (eg. using Web-M).

Turns out not. I won’t make a whole scene about the way that this problem was brought up to me, but let’s say that it wasn’t the way I would have expected a corporation like Google dealing with things.

After a multitude of e-mails back and forth, I’m afraid that YouTube stuck to its guns, and I was repeatedly told about the “supported” solutions (embedding Flash was even proposed as a solution!).

What to do?

Just sign in to your Google account and click the star on the left of the title in this bug report, and please don’t leave a comment, we don’t want this again!

It might not affect people who don’t use Totem but Minitube/Your_preferred_client could be next.

via Hadess

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