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IIT-Bombay’s E-Book Computer Masti is ‘super stuff’

Designed to replace the Epic Fail computer education systems, this E-Book is already meeting success, being downloaded not only in India but many other countries around the world.

24 October 2010
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Mark Shuttleworth talks Project Harmony, Unity, Windicators and more

The traditional biannualy held Ask Mark session of Ubuntu Open Week took place on 14th October 2010 1400 UTC on IRC. In the session, the Self Appointed Benevolent Dictator For Life talked about Unity, Project Harmony, many things about Canonical and clarified some points about less Kubuntu love and copyright assignment. And of course, the usual humor.

15 October 2010
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Novacut interview: Jason Gerard DeRose talks missed targets, superstars and future plans for the video editor

I had the pleasure of chatting with Jason Gerard DeRose, the lead developer of Novacut, and asked him whether he was disappointed with the failure to meet the crowd-sourced funding target and what this means for the future of the video editor project that has gotten everyone talking.

5 October 2010
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What would you like to ask the Novacut team?

Here's your chance to ask the Novacut team your most burning questions regarding their innovative project to create a collaborative video editor. Leave your questions in the comment section before October 5th 1300 hrs UTC.

4 October 2010