Novacut back on Kickstarter

OS X and Windows users always had no shortage of pro video editors but Linux never had such privilege. Novacut project aims to bring a pro video editor to Linux that is 100% free and open source right down to every single detail.

Canonical retires free CD Shipping programme

Canonical have announced that they will be discontinuing the free CD shipping service Shipit.

Writing on the Canonical blog Ubuntu’s Gerry Carr said that the company would instead focus on their CD distributor programme and shipping CDs directly to LoCos – Local Ubuntu community teams – instead.

GNOME be trollin’ – 3.0 delayed (again) to September 2011

The GNOME Release team meeting at GNOME Bangalore hackfest have decided to postpone the 3.0 release to September of this year, release manager Vincent Untz unveiled today.

He cited various reasons for the delay, including a large number of freeze break requests, constant changes in the design, Mozilla dropping embedded versions of Gecko and more.