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Video-Editor ‘Novacut’ Unveil New UI prototypes, Available To Try Online

Novacut have shown off two new UI prototypes for their real-time collaborative video editor.

14 July 2011
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What artists are saying about Novacut

Open-source professional video editor Novacut launched its kickstarter campaign last week. Independent filmmakers Arin Crumley and Christie Strong have posted a short video talking about it.

6 July 2011
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Novacut back on Kickstarter

OS X and Windows users always had no shortage of pro video editors but Linux never had such privilege. Novacut project aims to bring a pro video editor to Linux that is 100% free and open source right down to every single detail.

1 July 2011
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Help Compiz rockstar Sam Spilsbury squash the annoying invisible window bug…

In spite of best efforts, a weird bug in compiz causing windows to 'become invisible' is still haunting the users. Here is how you can help fix it.

5 June 2011
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Novacut live videocast at 1800 UTC today

Inspired by the Ubuntu Community Manager Jono Bacon's weekly videocast, the Novacut folks have decided to do a same style videocast where you can ask them questions about anything you would like to know about the upcoming video editor.

7 April 2011
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Canonical retires free CD Shipping programme

Canonical have announced that they will be discontinuing the free CD shipping service Shipit. Writing on the Canonical blog Ubuntu's Gerry Carr said that the company would instead focus on their CD distributor programme and shipping CDs directly to LoCos - Local Ubuntu community teams - instead.

5 April 2011
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GNOME be trollin’ – 3.0 delayed (again) to September 2011

The GNOME Release team meeting at GNOME Bangalore hackfest have decided to postpone the 3.0 release to September of this year, release manager Vincent Untz unveiled today. He cited various reasons for the delay, including a large number of freeze break requests, constant changes in the design, Mozilla dropping embedded versions of Gecko and more.

1 April 2011

Ubuntu 11.10 Named ‘Oneiric Ocelot’

Continuing the tradition of naming every Ubuntu release, Mark Shuttleworth has revealed the codename for Natty Narwhal’s successor to be ‘Oneiric Ocelot’

7 March 2011
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Ubuntu 11.04 to drop Release Candidate, add second beta

Ubuntu Release Manager, Kate Stewart has announced on the ubuntu-devel mailing list that the Release Candidate scheduled for April 21 would be dropped and Beta 2 scheduled for April 14 would take it's place instead.

11 February 2011
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Wintermute project aims to bring Artificial Intelligence to Ubuntu

Named after a computer from a very famous novel, Wintermute is an attempt to implement the world's first personal edition of an intelligent framework of applications and libraries, and in the future, an intelligent operating system.

4 February 2011
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Thank You, everyone!

My laptop arrived, now it's time to thank all the people who helped me get it.

21 January 2011
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Ubuntu Unity 2D gets a PPA for Maverick and Natty testers

The slick Unity 2D we told you about yesterday has now got a PPA for Ubuntu 10.10 and Ubuntu 11.04 users to test.

15 January 2011