Unigine Corp., the company behind the Unigine Engine and the upcoming OilRush game have announced a contest to encourage game development on Linux that gives away a free license of their flagship product.


Unigine Corp. is giving free license for its 3D Unigine engine to an experienced team willing to work on a native Linux game as its 1st prize and heavy discount for the 2nd and 3rd prizes.


Commenting on this Denis Shergin, CEO of Unigine Corp. said

I have been using Linux for over than 10 years now and find it a really great platform with a steadily growing market share on desktops. What we see, however, is though this niche market is open to conquer, it severely lacks high-quality 3D games with up-to-date visuals. We are eager to contribute to filling in the gap and boost up Linux game development.

From the very beginning Unigine engine aimed and has been supporting Linux, not to mention our CTO (Alexander Zaprjagaev) is also an experienced Linux developer. Moreover, our internal team is currently working on a cross-platform OilRush game that natively supports Linux. On top of it, we have a bunch of benchmarks (Heaven, Tropics, Sanctuary) released previously for this platform.
That being said, we want to help the seasoned and skillful team to jump-start a Linux game project by providing them with world-class technology completely for free.


A team is welcomed to participate in the competition if it meets the following criteria

  • It has released a 3D game or has one in development
  • Team members are experienced in Linux software development
  • It is ready to develop a native Linux 3D game

Submissions (with links to released games, team background info and contacts) are to be sent to licensing@unigine.com. The competition comes to a close on December, 10.

More information here

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