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Weekend! 5! – Five Papercuts to fix this weekend

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Ever bothered by the little usablity bugs that are generally overlooked by developers? Here we list 5 of them that you could spend your weekend fixing and making everyone happy.

1. Home Folder” has 3 different names

“Home Folder” is called “Home Folder” in the Places menu, “Home” in nautilus toolbar and by user’s name everywhere else. It should use a consistent name across the whole system.

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2. Hide totem sidebar if there is only one file on the playlist

Totem opens up and plays the video file whenever someone double clicks a file, since there is only one file on the playlist, there is no need to show the sidebar.

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3. Rename “Suspend” to “Sleep”

Does ‘Sleep’ sound better and more related to ‘Hibernate’ than ‘Suspend’ to you? It seems that you are not the only one.

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4. Indicator should only turn red after the last package has been installed

When you are updating your system the session indicator turns red before the last package is installed, this is extremely annoying.

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5. Should not show tab in Properties window in Banshee, when there is only one tab

Does having a tab when there is only one single item not make sense to you? It does not for me, either.

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