Inspired by the Ubuntu Community Manager Jono Bacon’s weekly videocast, the Novacut folks have decided to do a same style videocast where you can ask them questions about anything you would like to know about the upcoming video editor.

What is Novacut?

Novacut project is an attempt to create a first of its kind distributed video editor suited for professional workflow and creative-commons oriented distribution platform for artists to share their content and make a living out of it. The plan was initially to have the video editor out by end of February but the focus was shifted to the Player because we already had many people with already existing content who wanted to distribute it through our service, so the Player is coming out in June.

You can read more about Novacut here and join the hour long videocast here. (You need to be signed in to Ustream first to use the chat.)

P.S. We have grown to an impressive 20,000+ lines of code.