Two interface prototypes for features of collaborative video editor Novacut have been unveiled. 

Interface designs for ‘Slices’ – an innovative method for frame-accurate clip trimming – and for sequences – where by a collection of ‘slices’ are arranged in a pseudo-storyboard format – are demoed in two videos by lead Novacut developer Jason Gerard DeRose.

The prototypes have been built using HTML5 and jQuery, although readers should note that they are not complete nor should be used ‘…to determine the limitations of Novacut.

Demonstration of ‘Slices’ prototype running on the Nokia N900:

Demonstration of Slices and the Sequencer:

Try it out live

You can go hands on with the Slices prototype on the Novacut site here. Be aware that these are prototypes and thus not feature complete.

The source code can be downloaded here, modifications should be directed to the Novacut Launchpad page.

15 days left to raise $19, 000

Novacut are aiming to raise $25,000 by July 28th for development of the project. Over 120 people have already donated to the projects’ Kickstarter pot, with $19, 000 yet to be raised.

If you chuck $10 in you’ll even get your named listed in the editor itself!

Edited by Joe Sneddon

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