Ubuntu Natty developments

Ubuntu Release Manager, Kate Stewart has announced on the ubuntu-devel mailing list that Ubuntu 11.04 will not see a Release Candidate release.

The RC, originally scheduled for April 21, will be replaced with a second beta release on April 14.

The decision was based on the feeling "..that a release candidate …showing up just before the Easter holiday would be a bit late."

Continuing, Kate Stewart said: "After discussing this with the key stakeholders and not getting any negative feedback from them or in the weekly release meetings, we’re going to go ahead and add a Beta 2 for this release, and drop the Release Candidate from the Natty Schedule."

So, here is the new release schedule:-

  • December 2nd – Alpha 1
  • February 3rd – Alpha 2
  • March 3rd – Alpha 3
  • March 31st – Beta 1
  • April 14th – Beta 2
  • April 28th – Ubuntu 11.04
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