The GNOME Release team meeting at the GNOME Bangalore hackfest have decided to postpone the 3.0 release to September of this year.

“It was not an easy decision, but after announcing that GNOME 3 would occur in September 2010 instead of March 2010 as originally planned, and then pushing it back to March 2011, we have to announce another delay: GNOME 3.0 is now scheduled for September 2011.”

The reasons for the delay as put by release manager Vincent Untz are…

  • A huge number of freeze break requests
  • Some modules seeing merge of branches with more than 10,000 lines of changes
  • The constant changes in the design
  • A platform that is moving in new directions
  • As well as a huge list of important bugs combined with the fact that Mozilla is dropping the embedded versions of Gecko rendering engine.

GNOME 2.34 will not be released and focus would be put on GNOME 3.0 instead. Module proposals, however, would remain open.

Link to official announcement

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