dash to panel window peek

A brand new version of the Dash to Panel GNOME Shell extension is now available — and it features some great changes.

For those unaware, Dash to Panel is a popular Dash to Dock alternative that marries the GNOME Shell Dash and the GNOME Top Bar into a single, unified panel (think the Windows or Plasma 5 desktops).

Dash to Panel v20 is the first major update to the extension since last December.

The update introduces, among some smaller changes, a slate of window preview enhancements, such as a revised version of the slick preview morphing animation we previewed back in June.

Users also get more control over the appearance of window previews, with settings to adjust the size, padding, opacity, button location, header visible and font style (!) all debuting in this release.

Rounding out the window preview changes is the addition of right-click context-menu for window previews to allow windows to be managed (minimized/maximized/moved to another workspace) direct from the thumbnail.

One eye-candy enhancement I’m expecting will find favour with fans of Dash to Panel is the ability to have the colour of the open/running app indicator derived from the dominant colour of the app icon.

An overview of all the changes in Dash to Panel 20:-

  • Dynamic window preview sizing
  • Window preview style settings
  • Shortcuts added to ‘Show Applications’ button context menu
  • Context menu on window previews
  • Option to disable tooltips
  • Improved intellihide behavior while in fullscreen
  • Improved support for GNOME 3.32

Install Dash to Panel v20

Dash to Panel is a free, open-source extension for the GNOME Shel desktop. It supports GNOME Shell 3.8 and up (so it’s fully compatible with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and Ubuntu 19.04).

If you already know how to install GNOME Shell extensions on Ubuntu you can head over to the GNOME Extensions website to install the add-on:

‘Dash to Panel’ GNOME Shell Extension

You can, as always, install the extension manually using the .zip files available on the Dash to Panel GitHub page too — use what you prefer!

The Ubuntu Dock will be automatically disabled when you enable the Dash to Panel extension on the Ubuntu desktop (and re-enabled if you disable Dash to Panel).

Download dash to panel GNOME Extensions