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Ubuntu 11.04 Support Ends Today

Support for Ubuntu 11.04 - released 18 months ago today, on April 28, 2011 - officially ends today. Are you still using it? Will you miss it?

28 October 2012
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Java To Be Removed from Ubuntu, Uninstalled from User Machines

Oracle's Sun Java JDK packages are to be removed from the Ubuntu partner repositories and disabled on users systems. Oracle, in retiring the 'Operating System Distributor License for Java', means Canonical no longer have permission to distribute the package. The change will affect Ubuntu 10.04 LTs, Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04 users only.

18 December 2011
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Progress Continues On ‘Lubuntu Software Center’; Here’s How To Install It

Work on creating a 'Software Centre' for lightweight Ubuntu-spin 'Lubuntu' is coming together nicely. Jump on in for pictures, further information and instructions on how to test it out.

9 September 2011
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Tetris Meets Physics In This Crazy New Version

What happens when the classic game of Tetris becomes bound to the laws of physics? Not Tetris 2, is what.

5 September 2011

Ekoore announce two new tablets running Ubuntu 11.04

Little-known Italian hardware manufacturer Ekoore have announced two new tablet computers running Ubuntu 11.04, and a third running Android. Apparently named after programming languages, the Ekoore Perl has an 11.6" 1366 x 768 screen, and the Python has a 10" screen. The former measures in at 0.55" thick and the latter at 0.62" making for a fairly comfortable - although slightly bulky - size. For comparison, the Apple iPad 2 is 0.34" thick. As for the guts inside, the tablets appear to be little more than a stripped down netbook. Make the jump for more details and pricing.

29 June 2011
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[How to] Enable DVD Playback in Ubuntu 11.04

Trying to play a DVD in Ubuntu but getting no-where? You probably forgot to enable DVD playback. Here I show you how.

21 June 2011
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How To Install The Latest Unity in Ubuntu 11.04

The latest version of the Ubuntu Unity interface has been released, and is available to install from the Ubuntu Desktop Team's Unity PPA.

17 June 2011
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‘Narwhal Meet Ocelot’ Wallpaper

The release of Ubuntu 11.10 might be several months away but ramp up the excitement anyway with this 'Narwhal meet Ocelot' design wallpaper.

12 June 2011
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KDE 4.6.4 bugfix releases, hits Kubuntu PPA

The latest bugfix release of KDE Software Compilation is now available for Kubuntu 11.04 users to install from the Kubuntu updates PPA.

10 June 2011
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Pre-Unity Ubuntu Netbook Launcher is resurrected; put in a PPA

Users of Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04 can now once again install the pre-Unity Ubuntu Netbook Interface thanks to some repackaging magic by Martin 'Doctor Mo' Owens.

23 May 2011
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Evolution 3.0 now available for Ubuntu 11.04 GNOME 3 users

Evolution 3.0 is finally available for Ubuntu 11.04 GNOME 3 users to install, thanks to danilo. Evolution 3.0 for GNOME 3 doesn't differ greatly from Evolution 2.x as found by default in Ubuntu 11.04 - at least not on the surface. But if you're using GNOME 3 in Ubuntu you might as well be using the latest version of its default mail application, too.

20 May 2011
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Unity 2D PPA for Ubuntu 10.10 users

So you're still on Ubuntu 10.10 but you don't want to miss out entirely on the "new" Unity experience. What's the best way to experience Unity in Maverick? During the early development of Unity 2D - the less hardware-hungry version of Unity that uses Qt - Ubuntu 10.10 users were able to install Unity 2D for development purposes via a PPA. Understandably, the back-porting stopped as Natty got nearer.

19 May 2011