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Linux Release Roundup: Etcher, Mailspring, PulseEffects + More

We're now officially in Christmas season, but even the overuse of xmas music in public spaces isn't enough to stymie the flow of Linux releases.

3 December 2017

3 Great Linux Apps I Never Knew Existed

I’ve written about a lot of desktop Linux software in the nearly 8 years this site has been running.  Apps, utilities, tools and clients for almost everything, from bling-laden music players to java monstrosities via photo editors […]

9 November 2016

[How To] Enable DVD Playback in Ubuntu 12.10

As an avid fan of Doctor Who I have a lot of the 'older series' on DVD. But Ubuntu can't play DVDs out of the box for a whole tangle of legal reasons. Here's a quick guide on enabling DVD playback in Ubuntu 12.04 and 12.10.

19 October 2012

[How to] Burn LightScribe Discs in Ubuntu

Ever wondered how to burn lightscribe discs in Ubuntu? So did Dean Howell - who found that installing and setting up the tools needed for burning pretty labels in Linux is not as simple as grabbing an app from the Ubuntu Software Centre.

7 December 2011
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[How to] Enable DVD Playback in Ubuntu 11.04

Trying to play a DVD in Ubuntu but getting no-where? You probably forgot to enable DVD playback. Here I show you how.

21 June 2011
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EZ DVD Ripper wants to make optical-to-portable simple

There are tonnes of apps for ripping your DVD’s to .avi in Ubuntu – but could they be more user-friendly? A new project named EZ DVD Ripping thinks so. Several months back a reader asked […]

26 November 2010