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ZaReason, the Linux PC Seller, Forced to Close

A seller of pre-built Linux laptops and desktop PCs has announced its closure. The company was early pioneer of devices sold with Ubuntu preinstalled.

6 December 2020

Hands On with the ZaReason Zeto Compact Gaming PC

We go hands on with ZaReason's latest gaming rig for space-conscious Linux gamers.

30 December 2013
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ZaReason’s First Ubuntu All-in-One PC Looks Familiar…

Linux hardware re-sellers ZaReason have debuted their 'Zimo 930' PC - an all in one desktop computer that has more than a whiff of familiarity about it. The Zimo 930 is a good looking, well-specced PC but it's had its thunder stolen by last months launch of the System76 Sable. And I don't mean because both are 'all-in-ones'.

15 November 2012
Zareason Ultrabook Front

ZaReason Launch The First Linux UltraBook

Ultra in name, looks, and price, the ZaReason UltraLap 430 is the worlds first user-orientated Linux Ultrabook. Ultrabooks are a relatively new segment of the computing market. Defined (primarily) by Intel, Ultrabooks are thiner, lighter, and use less power than traditional notebooks. They also carry a premium price tag.

10 August 2012
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ZaReason Android 4.0 Tablet ‘ZaTab’ Shipping Soon

They're best known for making Ubuntu laptops and PCs but ZaReason are about to dip their toes into fresh waters with the launch of a tablet. But, unlike the rest of their hardware line up, the 'ZaTab' doesn't come with Ubuntu but the tried-and-tested tablet Android 4.0 operating system.

18 May 2012
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Five Ubuntu-powered Netbooks & Laptops That Don’t Cost The Earth

So you want a new netbook or ultra-portable, but you don't want Windows on it. With Ubuntu being free you're probably wondering why so many devices pre-installed with Ubuntu are expensive. If you look around you'll soon find there are a lot of choices. Here OMG! Ubuntu! picks five reasonably priced Ubuntu-installed laptops and netbooks.

22 June 2011