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Xubuntu 22.04 Wallpaper Contest is Open For Entries

The Xubuntu 22.04 LTS wallpaper contest is open for entries until March 12th when six winners will be selected for inclusion on the final 22.04 .iso image.

27 February 2022

The Next Ubuntu Wallpaper Contest Needs to Focus on Quality

A new Ubuntu LTS is on the way, and so too is a wallpaper contest to select backgrounds for it. But is it time Ubuntu took wallpapers more seriously?

25 January 2022
Ubuntu wallpaper contest 2021

The Ubuntu Wallpaper Contest is Back After 2 Year Break

The Ubuntu 21.10 wallpaper contest is open for entries. Creatives can submit entries until August 20. Winning images will ship in Ubuntu 21.10 this fall.

24 June 2021

Voting Opens in Ubuntu Studio 20.04 Wallpaper Contest (Now Closed)

Ubuntu Studio is running an online poll to help it select a set of wallpapers for its upcoming release. 10 wallpapers will be selected from a pool of 17.

2 March 2020
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Xubuntu 20.04 Wallpaper Contest is Now Open for Entries

The Xubuntu 20.04 LTS wallpaper contest is open for entries until March 13, 2020. Six winning entries will ship as part of the Xubuntu 20.04 release.

29 February 2020

KDE Launch Video & Wallpaper Competitions with Linux PCs as Prizes

KDE launch two community competitions, one for video one for a wallpaper, both of which tout devices from Tuxedo Computers and KDE-branded swag as prizes.

18 December 2019

First Look: Meet the 10 Winners in the Ubuntu 19.10 Wallpaper Competition

Ubuntu 19.10 will include 10 new wallpapers from the community, the winners of the successful Ubuntu 19.10 Wallpaper Competition.

24 September 2019

Fedora 28 Wallpaper Contest is Now Open for Entries

If you're creative and want to give something back to the Linux community, now's your chance as the Fedora 28 wallpaper contest is open for entries.

12 January 2018
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Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 Wallpaper Contest Is Open for Entries

Grab your camera, your best lens and head outside because the Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 Wallpaper Contest is now open for entries. Inspired by the Ubuntu wallpaper contests of old, Ubuntu Budgie is seeking out a […]

5 July 2017
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Ubuntu 16.10 Wallpaper Contest Is Now Open For Entries

Doors have opened on the Ubuntu 16.10 wallpaper contest, a bi-annual chance for users to get their artwork shipped as part of Ubuntu.

29 August 2016

Xubuntu’s Xenial Wallpapers Are Exceptionally Beautiful

Xubuntu has announced the winners of its community wallpaper contest — and they're all stunning.

20 April 2016

Meet the 12 Ubuntu 14.10 Wallpaper Contest Winners

Get ready to glance over a group of images you'll be seeing a whole lot more of in the coming months. Yes, the winners of the Ubuntu 14.10 Wallpaper contest have been unveiled.

9 September 2014