Fancy winning a Linux laptop?

Fancy winning a swanky new Linux laptop? Well if you put your creative skills to work, you might!

The KDE community is running two new community competitions, both of which tout Tuxedo-branded hardware as main prizes.

Videographers are encouraged to take part in the KDE Plasma 5.18 Video Competition where two Linux PCs are up for grabs.

The creator of the best promotional video about KDE Plasma will net themselves a Tuxedo Gaming PC, while the creator of the best promotional video showcasing KDE applications will receive a Tuxedo InfinityBox.

Just don’t expect an easy battle! There are a tonne of ace Linux YouTubers out there with the editing savvy to score well so be prepared to flex your imagination if you want to win!

Plasma 5.18 Video Competition Details

Fans of static images can join in the KDE Plasma 5.18 wallpaper competition, which is on the hunt for a new desktop background for the upcoming Plasma 5.18 release.

Prizes on offer here range from KDE branded swag, a cuddly Tux toy, and glass coffee mug to an Tuxedo InfinityBook Pro 14 — a 14-inch Linux laptop with an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB RAM and 12 hour battery life — for the overall winner.

Plasma 5.18 Wallpaper Competition Details

In all, some exciting community-based contests to add to the anticipation building for KDE Plasma 5.18, which is on course for release early next year.

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