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Meet Vivaldi — A New Web Browser Built for Power Users

A brand new web browser has arrived this week that aims to meet the needs of power users — and it's already available for Linux.

27 January 2015
Spark KDE Plasma Active Tablet

KDE Improv, Tablet Projects Officially Axed

In news that few following the saga will find surprising, the team behind a highly publicised open-source hardware effort has announced that it is calling time on the project.

1 July 2014
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KDE Tablet ‘Vivaldi’ Gets Gutted

The €200 KDE tablet might have been given a new name but it still has the same lure on the surface: a low price, stylish design, and awesome open source software. But what about inside? Is there anything to tempt potential buyers under the hood?

25 March 2012
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Watch the €200 KDE Tablet in Action [Video]

As exciting as reading about the forthcoming KDE 'Spark' tablet is nothing beats seeing it in action - and thanks to the project lead Aaron Seigos we can now do just that.

10 February 2012