Lots of recent app updates

A number of nifty Linux apps we’ve written about previously have shared some updates over the past few days.

Rather than write about each of them individually we thought we’d round-up them up into one quick-fire, easy-to-digest post.

Alduin v1.2.2

A small bug-fix update to Alduin, an Electron-based RSS reader app, is now able to fetch RSS feeds over HTTPS. It also fixes bugs with modal windows affecting the header bar, theming issues in the Alduin AppImage, and add adds drag and drop support for deleting/removing feeds.

Download Aludin 1.2.2 from Github

notification-pinned-tab-vivaldiVivaldi 1.6

The latest stable release of the Chromium-based Vivaldi web-browser adds a few small bells and whistles, including an unread count badge on pinned tabs for popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and others.

Tab stacks can now be renamed, and it is now possible to select all tabs from a given domain by ctrl+clicking on any tab that matches it.

See the Vivaldi 1.6 press release for additional detail on the changes in this ‘details matter’ release.

Download Vivaldi for Linux

Temps v0.7

temps weather app

Temps, the stylish electron-based weather app, has had a light drizzle of new features and styling improvements cast over it. Temperature during (very) cold weather conditions no longer look ill placed in the app; you can toggle between 12 hour and 24 hour clock; and there’s a choice of light or dark tray icon should you need to choose.

Download Temps 0.7 from Github

Snapd 2.20

Alright, so Snapd isn’t actually an application, but in its latest release, which went live this weekend, it picked up some new features and changes you may like to know about. Among them: experimental support for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. This is the first release of Snapd to support Ubuntu’s other LTS release; alias support; new interfaces, including dbus, iio, and openswitch-support.

Snapd 2.20 Release Announcement

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