A new version of the power-user web browser Vivaldi has been released and is now available for download.

Vivaldi 1.3 intros new theme options, improves mouse gestures, and beefs up privacy for those making use of WebRTC features.

“Vivaldi is all about putting the user in control,” Jon von Tetzchner CEO at Vivaldi Technologies says in the press spiel accompanying this release.

“Whether it’s improving the personalization by adding custom themes, increasing privacy, or giving more options and features, we put our users first with everything we do. We want to make browsing safer, more personal, more productive and more fun for everyone.”

Bring On The Themes

The “headline feature” of this release is themes. Vivaldi now lets… Oh, just watch the video.

The theming engine in Vivaldi is pretty dang extensive. You’ll find a far greater level of control over the browser aesthetic on offer here than in any other browser to date.


WebRTC enables seamless voice, video and instant messaging natively in the browser — but it also has a few leaky drawbacks, not least of which is disclosing your IP address.

In its latest release Vivaldi has added a setting to turn WebRTC off and only have it on when you need it.

Other Changes

Among other notable changes in the Vivaldi 1.3 stable release:

  • Option to make the speed-dial your homepage
  • Middle click paste support on Linux
  • Tab hibernation support on Linux
  • Improved media playback on Ubuntu
  • Option to expand web panel to a tab
  • New & improved UI animations
  • There are now 90 mouse gestures
  • Based on Chromium 52.0.2743.117

Download Vivaldi 1.3 for Linux

An increasingly confident alternative to Firefox and Google Chrome(ium), Vivaldi is a web browser with an identity. Other browsers shy away from ceding control and customisation to users but Vivaldi positively embraces it.

An abundance of toggles and switches enables you to tailor almost every aspect of the browser to match your tastes and browsing habits, while nifty built-in tools like web panels and quick commands sit ready and waiting to help boost your productivity.

Vivaldi 1.3 is a free download for Windows, Mac and Linux. Grab it from Vivaldi dot com:

Visit the Vivaldi Website