ubuntu update notificationNot really meriting a post in their own right, but certainly deserving of mention, is a round of recent updates to 3 apps we regularly write about.

Among them…

Shotwell 0.25.1.

Shotwell 0.25.1 is the latest “unstable” snapshot of the image organiser-come-photo viewer.

Among the changes/fixes saying cheese for the camera is working Tumblr upload, improved Piwigo support, updated dialogs and various low-level API and compilation tweaks.

Not recommended for regular use, Shotwell aficionados can install the latest unstable build using maintainer Jens Georg’s PPA for unstable Shotwell releases.

Anatine 1.1.0

Anatine is an impressive desktop Twitter app that takes the (rather capable) mobile Twitter website and furnishes it with some desktop-centric features, including an array of keyboard shortcuts, various layout tweaks, and an optional dark mode.

And it’s fixes for the dark mode that make up the bulk of changes in the latest version of Anatine, along with misc catch-up fixes resulting from recent changes on the Twitter side.

Anatine is a free, open-source app built using Electron. Binary’s are available to download for Windows, macOS and Linux from Github. Anatine is also available (albeit unofficially) as a Snap.

Download Latest Anatine Release

Vivaldi 1.5

Last, though potentially more interesting, is a new stable release of Vivaldi, the Chromium-based web-browser built for power-users.

The big “headline” change in Vivaldi 1.5, the latest stable build, is a little niche: you can control Philips Hue lightbulbs using your browser. Useful is, as Vivaldi claim, you want to “synchronize your physical surroundings with the colour of the web”.

Useless if you don’t. (As a tangent, you can control Philips’ hue lights on Linux using a neat desktop app).

Other changes include a new Reader Mode button, the ability to add screenshots via the built-in notes app, and the usual glut of bug fixes, Chromium-updates, and security fixes.

Vivaldi is a free download (but is not open-source). You can download the latest release from the Vivaldi website. If you already have Vivaldi installed you’ll receive the update through the system software update tool.

Download Vivaldi for Linux

Download anatine shotwell vivaldi