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Ever wondered what your browsing habits are really like? Of course not, because you’re not an advertiser.

But in the latest release of Vivaldi you can find exactly which sites you spend the most time oggling over (hint: i hope it’s us) and a whole lot more.

Vivaldi 1.8 super-charges the browser’s History feature. Forget a static list of visit links, the new Vivaldi History page gives you a crazy amount of insight in to your online behavior.

It’s almost creepy.

“We want to make browsing history more useful than ever before,” says Jon von Tetzchner, CEO at Vivaldi Technologies.

“Instead of having to scroll through hundreds of lines, Vivaldi gives a comprehensive overview of history, presented in a visual way. This lets our users analyze their online activity and helps them find what they are looking for.”

A calendar view offers detailed statistics about the sites, while graphs and a color-coded heat map overlay show when you’re most active, on which sites, and for how long.

With so much potential value to be had you’ll be pleased to know that all this information is for yours eyes only. Vivaldi doesn’t collect or collate it for their own uses.

“The new History feature shows the kind of data that could be tracked by third parties,” says von Tetzchner, who adds that “instead of trying to monetize our users’ browsing patterns, we are giving them this data – for their eyes only.”

As a stat hound, I’m really going to dig this.

Download Vivaldi 1.8

Not got Vivaldi? You can download the latest release for various different flavors of Linux from the official website, which we’ve hidden behind this plainly decorate button:

Download Vivaldi

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