image of vivaldi web browser for android on top of a blue background

The Vivaldi web browser is now available on Android, albeit as a beta app intended for testing rather than daily use.

But Vivaldi’s presence on the Google Play Store is likely to appeal to the thousands of Linux users who favour the browser’s colourful, customisation-heavy slant on their desktop systems.

Indeed, the Vivaldi Android app continues to push the power-user ethic by debuting a crop of features not readily found in other mobile web browsers, like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Samsung Internet.

“Bring the power of Vivaldi to your mobile including end-to-end encrypted Sync of your passwords, Bookmarks, Notes, open tabs and more,” reads the new app store listing.

To this end Vivaldi Android features include: –

  • Cross-platform sync
  • Private browsing
  • Gestures to access open tabs
  • Built-in note taking tool
  • Full-length webpage screenshot tool
  • Multiple speed dials

Vivaldi for Android is free (but not open source) and currently in beta. The app is available to install from Google Play but it might not be available in all territories and/or for all devices, so do check the Play Store listing for more details.

Vivaldi (Beta) on Google Play Store

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